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From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-03-24 08:47:22

On Mar 23, 2007, at 10:53 AM, Ricardo Fonseca wrote:

> I'm having problems compiling openmpi 1.2 under AIX 5.2. Here are
> the configure parameters:
> ./configure --disable-shared --enable-static \
> CC=xlc CXX=xlc++ F77=xlf FC=xlf95
> To get it to work I have to do 2 changes:
> diff -r openmpi-1.2/ompi/mpi/cxx/ openmpi-1.2-aix/ompi/mpi/
> cxx/
> 34a35,38
> > #undef SEEK_SET
> > #undef SEEK_CUR
> > #undef SEEK_END
> >

Hrm. This one is problematic in the general case; there's very weird
mojo involved with the MPI C++ bindings to get MPI::SEEK_SET and
friends to work properly.

Our support for MPI::SEEK_* isn't 100% correct yet (you can't use
them in switch/case statements -- it's a long, convoluted story), so
I don't think that I want to apply this patch to the general code base.

> diff -r openmpi-1.2/orte/mca/pls/poe/pls_poe_module.c openmpi-1.2-
> aix/orte/mca/pls/poe/pls_poe_module.c
> 636a637,641
> > static int pls_poe_cancel_operation(void)
> > {
> > }
> This last one means that when you run OpenMPI jobs through POE you
> get a:
> [r1blade003:381130] [0,0,0] ORTE_ERROR_LOG: Not implemented in file
> errmgr_hnp.c at line 90
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----
> mpirun was unable to cleanly terminate the daemons for this job.
> Returned value Not implemented instead of ORTE_SUCCESS.
> at the job end.


How about this compromise: since AIX is not an officially supported
platform, I've added a category in the FAQ about AIX and put a link
to this mail so that AIX users can manually apply these changes to
get a working Open MPI.

(Our web server seems to be having some problems right now; I'll get
the category added to the live site shortly)

Thanks for the patches!

Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems