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From: Curtis Janssen (cljanss_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-03-23 00:22:50

I'm interested in getting OpenMPI working with a multi-threaded
application (MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE is required). I'm trying the trunk
from a couple weeks ago (1.3a1r14001) compiled for multi-threading and
threaded progress, and have had success with some small cases. Larger
cases with the same algorithms fail (they work with MPICH2 1.0.5/TCP and
other thread-safe MPIs, so I don't think it is an application bug). I
don't mind doing a little work to track down the problem, so I'm trying
to use the Intel Thread Checker. I have the thread checker working with
my application when using Intel's MPI, but with OpenMPI it hangs.
OpenMPI is compiled for OFED 1.1, but I'm overriding communications with
"-gmca btl self,tcp" in the hope that OpenMPI won't do anything funky
that would cause the thread checker problems (like RMDA or writes from
other processes into shared memory segments). Has anybody used the
Intel Thread Checker with OpenMPI successfully?


Curtis Janssen, cljanss_at_[hidden], +1 925-294-1509
Sandia National Labs, MS 9158, PO Box 969, Livermore, CA 94551, USA