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From: Hugh Merz (merz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-03-20 16:32:26

Good Day,

  I'm using Open MPI on a diskless cluster (/tmp is part of a 1m ramdisk), and I found that after upgrading from v1.1.4 to v1.2 that jobs using np > 4 would fail to start during MPI_Init, due to what appears to be a lack of space in /tmp. The error output is:


[tpb200:32193] *** Process received signal ***
[tpb200:32193] Signal: Bus error (7)
[tpb200:32193] Signal code: (2)
[tpb200:32193] Failing at address: 0x2a998f4120
[tpb200:32193] [ 0] /lib64/tls/ [0x2a95f6e430]
[tpb200:32193] [ 1] /opt/openmpi/1.2.gcc3/lib/ [0x2a9568abc8]
[tpb200:32193] [ 2] /opt/openmpi/1.2.gcc3/lib/ [0x2a9568b0dd]
[tpb200:32193] [ 3] /opt/openmpi/1.2.gcc3/lib/openmpi/ [0x2a98ba419f]
[tpb200:32193] [ 4] /opt/openmpi/1.2.gcc3/lib/openmpi/ [0x2a9899a4fa]
[tpb200:32193] [ 5] /opt/openmpi/1.2.gcc3/lib/openmpi/ [0x2a98889308]
[tpb200:32193] [ 6] /opt/openmpi/1.2.gcc3/lib/ [0x2a956a32ed]
[tpb200:32193] [ 7] /opt/openmpi/1.2.gcc3/lib/ [0x2a956c5c93]
[tpb200:32193] [ 8] a.out(main+0x1c) [0x400a44]
[tpb200:32193] [ 9] /lib64/tls/ [0x2a960933fb]
[tpb200:32193] [10] a.out [0x40099a]
[tpb200:32193] *** End of error message ***

... lots of the above for each process ...

mpirun noticed that job rank 0 with PID 32040 on node tpb200 exited on signal 7 (Bus error).


  If I increase the size of my ramdisk or point $TMP to a network filesystem then jobs start and complete fine, so it's not a showstopper, but with v1.1.4 (or LAM v7.1.2) I didn't encounter this issue with my default 1m ramdisk (even with np > 100 ). Is there a way to limit /tmp usage in Open MPI v1.2?