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From: Troy Telford (ttelford.groups_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-02-08 20:33:09

I've got a system that is running Open MPI 1.1.2, SLES 10, with the OFED
1.0 drivers.

The code runs over Gigabit Ethernet/TCP without issues on Open MPI...

The code does some memory allocation, communication, etc - the developer
wrote it to stress the network fabric, and can be submitted if necessary.

The job is being run on four nodes (two dual-core CPUs each, 16 cores
total), with DDR IB.

Non-MPI bandwidth tests don't seem to be having issues; but that doesn't
necessarily mean things work great over MPI.

The error is (upon job start), something to the extent of (transcribed
 from phone):
  mca_mpool_openib_register: cannot allocate memory
  Error creating low priority CQ for MTHCA0: Cannot allocate memory.

What has to happen for this message to get thrown? (I've seen IB fabric
instability with OpenIB before, and I don't recall this being one of the
errors I've seen).

Also, is there any chance that the error can be caused by mismatched
libraries (from a different compile of Open MPI?)

(And I apologize for firing off this without knowing more; I'm still
gathering data as I learn more...)

Troy Telford