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From: Reese Faucette (reese_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-02-05 19:14:36

> I'm having difficulty with running a simple hello world OpenMPI
> program over Myrinet gm interconnect - please see the log at the end
> of this email. The error is tripped by a call to the function
> gm_global_id_to_node_id(
> gm_btl->port,
> gm_endpoint->endpoint_addr.global_id,
> &gm_endpoint->endpoint_addr.node_id))
> My hardware setup is identical to the one described here:
> and I'm using the latest stable release - OpenMPI 1.1.4. Has anybody
> encountered this error before? Google returns nothing on it...

What version of GM are you running? And are you sure that gm_board_info
shows all the nodes that are listed in your machine file? Could you send
a copy of your gm_board_info output , please? A mismatch between the list
of nodes actually configured onto the Myrinet fabric and the machine file is
a common source of errors like this. The mismatch could be caused by cable
failure or other mapping issues.

Why GM instead of MX, by the way?

Myricom, Inc.