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From: Peter Kjellstrom (cap_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-01-25 05:53:30


We have been busy this week comparing five different MPI-implementations on a
small test cluster. Several notable differences have been observed but I will
limit myself to one perticular test in this e-mail (64-rank Intel MPI
Benchmark alltoall on 8 dual quad nodes).

Lets start with the hardware and software conditions:
Hardware: 16 nodes (8 used for this test) each with two Clovertown cpus
(X5355/2.66GHz, quad-core) and 16G RAM. Interconnected with IB 4x SDR on
PCI-express (MT25208).
Software: Centos-4.3 x86_64 2.6.9-34.0.2smp with OFED-1.1 and intel compilers

MPIs tested: OpenMPI-1.1.3b4, OpenMPI-1.2b3, MVAPICH-0.9.8, MVAPICH2-0.9.8 and
ScaMPI-3.10.4 (ScaMPI is a commercial mpi from Scali).

Main question to the OpenMPI developers: why does OpenMPI behave so badly
between approx. 10 and 1000 bytes?

* The OpenMPI run tagged 'basic' was done with "-mca coll self,sm,basic" all
other runs were done with whatever setting is the default.
* Both x- and y-axis is log scaled. The y-axis labels are a bit hard to read
but the first "5.0000" is 50us, the 2nd 500us and so on.


Best Regards,
 Peter K

  Peter Kjellström
  National Supercomputer Centre, Linköping Sweden

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