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From: Lydia Heck (lydia.heck_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-12-10 08:14:54

I am running the benchmark b_eff on a mulitprocessor opteron based system.
The benchmark measures throughput. And the benchmark runs fine over
tcp/ip and myrinet on cluster of 2 a 4 cores. When I run the
application on an 8core system over 2 cpus the run is fine. When I run it
over say 4 or more I get the error:

/opt/ompi/bin/mpirun -np 4 -machinefile myh -mca btl tcp,self b_eff

I get sometimes an error such as

ERROR - invalid message content after MPI_Alltoallv - myrank=1 i_rep=0 i_msg=15
i_pat=14 i_sr=1 i_loop=5 Msglng=71468 buf=(16 0)!=(16 31)

But not always. I searched the FAQs, could not find an entry with a similar

Any idea?


Dr E L Heck

University of Durham
Institute for Computational Cosmology
Ogden Centre
Department of Physics
South Road

United Kingdom

e-mail: lydia.heck_at_[hidden]

Tel.: + 44 191 - 334 3628
Fax.: + 44 191 - 334 3645