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From: Anthony Chan (chan_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-12-05 17:37:58

On Tue, 5 Dec 2006, Ryan Thompson wrote:

> I'm attempting to build MPE without success. When I try to make it, I
> recieve the error:
> trace_input.c:23:23: error: trace_API.h: No such file or directory

I just built the related mpe2's subpackage, slog2sdk, on a AMD64 (Ubuntu
6.06.1) with gcc-4.0 and I don't see the strange errors that you
observed... I put the latest mpe2 on our ftp server:

which contains various bugfixes over mpe2-1.0.4. I have tested
mpe2-1.0.5b2 with the openmpi-1.1.2 on an IA32 linux box, everything seems
working fine.

> Where is this file supposed to come from?
> Here are my configure arguments...
> JAVA="/opt/sun-jdk-"
> ./configure --prefix=/opt/mpe \
> --sharedstatedir=/var/mpe \
> --localstatedir=/com/mpe \
> --enable-misc=yes \
> --enable-logging=yes \
> --enable-f77=no \
> --enable-wrappers=yes \
> --enable-slog2=build \
> --enable-collchk=no \
> --enable-graphics=no \
> --with-mpicc="/opt/openmpi/bin/mpicc" \
> --with-mpiinc="-I/opt/openmpi/include" \
> --with-mpilibs="-L/opt/openmpi/lib" \
> --includedir=$JAVA/include \
> --with-java=$JAVA

mpe2 does not use sharedstatedir and localstatedir, so you don't need
to specify --sharedstatedir and --localstatedir. The only configure
option I see problem is --includedir=$JAVA/include which will force
mpe2 to install mpe include files to /opt/sun-jdk-
I believe it is a mistake.

FYI: here is my configure command to build mpe2 for openmpi:

mkdir <build_mpe24openmpi>
cd <build_mpe24openmpi>
<mpe2-1.0.5b2>/configure CC=<C compiler to build openmpi>
                         F77=<Fortran compiler to build openmpi>
                         MPERUN="<openmpi-install-dir>/bin/mpiexec -n 4"
make install
make installcheck-all

If you don't need fortran support, don't use F77 and MPI_F77 and add
--disable-f77. The configure option MPERUN="..." and
"make installcheck-all" enable a series of tests for the typical features
of MPE2. Let me know if you see any problem. If you do, send me the
configure output as seen on your screen (not config.log), i.e. c.txt from
the following command

With csh-like shell
configure .... |& tee c.txt


With bourne-like shell
configure ... | tee c.txt 2>&1