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From: Adam Moody (moody20_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-22 15:20:30

Tim, yes, your suggestion makes sense. I didn't realize that would be a
safe thing to do.
Brian, I've verified that configuring with
"--enable-mca-no-build=btl-tcp" prevents the tcp btl component from
being built in the first place.
Thanks for the help,

Tim Prins wrote:

>I don't know if there is a way to do it in configure, but after installing you
>can go into the $prefix/lib/openmpi directory and delete mca_btl_tcp.*
>This will remove the tcp component and thus users will not be able to use it.
>Note that you must NOT delete the mca_oob_tcp.* files, as these are used for
>our internal administrative messaging and we currently require it to be
>Tim Prins
>On Tuesday 21 November 2006 07:49 pm, Adam Moody wrote:
>>We have some clusters which consist of a large pool of 8-way nodes
>>connected via ethernet. On these particular machines, we'd like our
>>users to be able to run 8-way MPI jobs on node, but we *don't* want them
>>to run MPI jobs across nodes via the ethernet. Thus, I'd like to
>>configure and build OpenMPI to provide shared memory support (or TCP
>>loopback) but disable general TCP support.
>>I realize that you can run without tcp via something like "mpirun --mca
>>btl ^tcp", but this is up to the user's discretion. I need a way to
>>disable it systematically. Is there a way to configure it out at build
>>time or is there some runtime configuration file I can modify to turn it
>>off? Also, when we configure "--without-tcp", the configure script
>>doesn't complain, but TCP support is added anyway.
>>-Adam Moody
>>MPI Support @ LLNL
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