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From: Ralph H Castain (rhc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-03 16:10:20

Okay, I picked up some further info that may help you.

>> The "bjsub -i /bin/env" only sets up the NODES for the session of
>> /bin/env. Probably what he wants is "bjssub -i /bin/bash" and start
>> bpsh/mpirun from the new shell.

I would recommend doing as they suggest. Also, they noted that you failed to
specify the number of nodes you wanted on the bjssub command line. As a
result, the system gave you only one node (hence the NODES=0 instead of
NODES=0, 1).

If you do a "man bjssub", or a "bjssub --help", you should (hopefully) find
out how to specify the desired number of nodes.

Hope that helps.

On 11/2/06 6:46 AM, "Ralph Castain" <rhc_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> I truly appreciate your patience. Let me talk to some of our Bproc folks and
> see if they can tell me what is going on. I agree - I would have expected
> the NODES to be 0,1. The fact that you are getting just 0 explains the
> behavior you are seeing with Open MPI.
> I also know (though I don't the command syntax) that you can get a long-term
> allocation from bjs (i.e., one that continues until you logout). Let me dig
> a little and see how that is done.
> Again, I appreciate your patience.
> Ralph
> On 11/2/06 6:32 AM, "hpetit_at_[hidden]" <hpetit_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> I again Ralf,
>>> I gather you have access to bjs? Could you use bjs to get a node allocation,
>>> and then send me a printout of the environment?
>> I have slightly changed my cluster configuration for something like:
>> master is running on a machine call: machine10
>> node 0 is running on a machine call: machine10 (same as master then)
>> node 1 is running on a machine call: machine14
>> node 0 and 1 are up
>> My bjs configration allocates node 0 and 1 to the default pool
>> <--------------->
>> pool default
>> policy simple
>> nodes 0-1
>> <----------------->
>> Be default, when I run "env" in a terminal, NODES variable is not present.
>> If I run env under a job submission command like "bjsub -i env", then I can
>> see the following new environments variable.
>> NODES=0
>> JOBID=27 (for instance)
>> BPROC_RANK=0000000
>> BPROC_PROGNAME=/usr/bin/env
>> When the command is over, NODES is unset again.
>> What is strange is that I would have expected that NODES=0,1. I do not know
>> if
>> you bjs users have the same behaviour.
>> Hopefully, it is the kind of information you were expecting.
>> Regards.
>> Herve
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