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From: George Bosilca (bosilca_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-26 18:16:30

There are 2 different collectives in Open MPI. One is a basic
implementation and one is highly optimized. The only problem is that
we optimized them based on the network, number of nodes and message
size. As you can imagine ... not all the networks are the same ...
which lead to troubles on some platforms. We're working on a tool to
automatically find out the best collective algorithms for your
particular configuration.

No precise timeline yet. ASAP is the keyword here, but of course we
are 3 weeks away from SC so I don't think that much can happens
before SC. Anyway, if you want I can add you to the list of
volunteers for testing it :)


On Oct 26, 2006, at 6:03 PM, Tony Ladd wrote:

> 1) I think OpenMPI does not use optimal algorithms for collectives.
> But
> neither does LAM. For example the MPI_Allreduce scales as log_2 N
> where N is
> the number of processors. MPICH uses optimized collectives and the
> MPI_Allreduce is essentially independent of N. Unfortunately MPICH
> has never
> had a good TCP interface so its typically slower overall than LAM or
> OpenMPI. Are there plans to develop optimized collectives for
> OpenMPI; if
> so, is there a timeline
> 2) I have found an additional problem in OpenMPI over TCP.
> MPI_AllReduce can
> run extremely slowly on large numbers of processors. Measuring
> throughput
> (message size / time) for 48 nodes with 16KByte messages (for
> example) I get
> only 0.12MBytes/sec. The same code with LAM gets 5.3MBytes/sec
> which is more
> reasonable. The problem seems to arise for a) more than 16 nodes
> and b)
> message sizes in the range 16-32KBytes. Normally this is the
> optimum size so
> its odd. Other message sizes are closer to LAM (though typically a
> little
> slower). I have run these tests with my own network test, but I can
> run IMB
> if necessary.
> Tony
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