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From: Harald Forbert (Harald.Forbert_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-04 08:22:34

> Additional note on the the BLACS vs. OpenMPI 1.1.1 & 1.3 problems:
> The BLACS install program xtc_CsameF77 says to not use -DCsameF77
> with OpenMPI; however, because of an oversight I used it in my first
> tests -- for OpenMPI 1.1.1 the errors are the same with and without
> this setting; however, without it the tester program is very slow
> with OpenMPI 1.1.1 or hangs at "RUNNING REPEATABLE SUM TEST" near the
> end. OpenMPI 1.1.2rc1 behaved nearly identically.
> With regards to OpenMPI 1.3, not using -DCsameF77 (that is setting
> TRANSCOMM blank), prevents the crash I observed earlier; however,
> massive errors begin at the "DOUBLE COMPLEX AMX" tests and then the
> auxiliary tests at the end are very slow or hangs at "RUNNING

The TRANSCOMM setting that we are using here and that I think is the
correct one is "-DUseMpi2" since OpenMPI implements the corresponding
mpi2 calls. You need a recent version of BLACS for this setting
to be available (1.1 with patch 3 should be fine). Together with the
patch to openmpi1.1.1 from ticket 356 we are passing the blacs tester
for 4 processors. I didn't have to time to test with other numbers

Harald Forbert