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From: Miguel Figueiredo Mascarenhas Sousa Filipe (miguel.filipe_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-09-29 18:56:06


On 9/28/06, Glenn Johnson <gjohnson_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> I have an 8-way AMD64 system. I built a 64 bit open-mpi-1.1
> implementation and then compiled software to use it. That all works
> fine.
> In addition, I have a 32 bit binary program (Schrodinger Jaguar) that I
> would like to run on this machine with mpi. Schrodinger provides source
> code to build an mpi compatibility layer. This compatibility layer
> allows jaguar to use a different mpi implementation than that which the
> software was compiled with. I do not want to give up the 64 bit open-mpi
> that I already have and am using.
> So my questions are:
> 1. Can I build/install a 32 bit version of open-mpi even though I
> already have a 64 bit version installed?
> 2. What "tricks" might I need to do to make sure a program calls
> the correct version of mpi (32 or 64 bit)?
> 3. Would I do better considering running jaguar in a 32 bit chroot
> environment?

I'm a simple user who is using openmpi in 32bit and 64bits on a amd64
linux, on a 64bit sistem. But I also have openmpi and mpich2 in a
32bit chroot.

I've installed openmpi 32bit in /opt/openmpi-1.1.1-32bits (amd64 is
installed in /opt/openmpi-1.1.1-amd64) .. and its easy to change
between the two.. either with symlinks, PATHs or scripts.. to use one
.. or the other.

the chroot was a lot more trouble, and I did it because I wasn't being
able to compile openmpi (1.0 at the time) in 32bit mode on my 64bit

> Thanks.
> --
> Glenn Johnson <gjohnson_at_[hidden]>

Miguel Sousa Filipe