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From: Renato Golin (rengolin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-09-07 11:10:06

On 9/7/06, Eng. A.A. Isola <alfonso.isola_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> For the other
> discussion...I have used only the MPI2 rouines inside my programs and
> nothinf other. Then is not possible that it doesn't works. I can
> understand, for example, that inside Open_MPI the threads or the
> Client-
> Server routines are realized in different way, but the output
> have to
> be the same and particularly has to be the same of the
> protocol says.
> Then is I generate a program under the rigorous respect
> of the MPI
> protocol, why this program has not to work in different
> implementations?

Should work, If you're using the standard, which I think you are. I'm
not a MPI expert myself to know if your code is 100% compliant but at
least you're using standard functions.

Btw, which open-mpi version are you using ?

> I want repeat again that I've compiled this program in
> both implementations withouts error s or warnings, but when I
> execute it in Open_MPI it doesn't work!

Compilation does not means execution and execution does not means
right execution. But anyway, your code works for me on LAM-MPI (just
had to define MPI_ERR_PORT myself on server.c).

I'm now compiling the openMPI 1.1.1 and will check against it as well.

The output:

sbornia$ lamexec -np 1 ./server foo
server Process Rank 0 ,TOT processes 1 on sbornia
Server foo available at n0:i11:323

sbornia$ lamexec -np 1 ./client foo
Rank Client Process 0 ,TOT processes 1 on sbornia
Server Name found!
Connection OK!
Server address n0:i11:323
The server has written: HELLO CLIENT
The Client is disconnected!