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From: Eric Thibodeau (kyron_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-07-07 14:49:04

Yes, I was interested in the example such as:

The way I see it, there are litteraly two programs, a Manager program and a
Worker program which is started by the manager (the example doesn't show if
multiple workers are started by repeated calls to the spawn command). I
unsderstand that MPI_COMM_WORLD is somewhat static but I am unclear as to how
to communicate with future-spawned process... Is there an MPI_COMM_UNIVERSE
that we can drop in place of the MPI_COMM_WORLD? It's also not clear who
would be part of MPI_COMM_PARENT other than the process that spawned the

Well, I know I have some reading to perform on the whole dynamic/spawning
process, my query was really to know if OpenMPI was up and ready in that
field of MPI2.



Le vendredi 7 juillet 2006 14:09, Edgar Gabriel a écrit :
> Eric Thibodeau wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > Before I embark on a train that will run out of tracks, I wanted to
> > get a WFF concerning the spwaning mechanisme in OpenMPI. The intent
> > is that I would program a "simple" parallel application that would
> > demonstrate the ability of recent MPI implementations (OpenMPI) to
> > dynamically ADD or remove processes from the parallel task pool. Of
> > course, any documentation concerning these new features would also be
> > greatly appreciated ;)
> Open MPI supports spawning new processes as defined in the MPI-2
> specification, see e.g.
> However, please note, that this does not modify MPI_COMM_WORLD.
> MPI_COMM_WORLD is a static communicator which can not be changed, even
> in Open MPI...
> Thanks
> Edgar
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