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From: Caird, Andrew J (acaird_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-06-13 16:37:51

Hello all,

I've read the thread "OpenMPI debugging support"
( and it
looks like there is improved debugging support for debuggers other than
TV in the 1.1 series.

I'd like to use Portland Groups pgdbg. It's a parallel debugger,
there's more information at

>From the previous thread on this topic, it looks to me like the plan for
1.1 and forward is to support the ability to launch the debugger "along
side" the application. I don't know enough about either pgdbg or
OpenMPI to know if this is the best plan, but assuming that it is, is
there a way to see if it is happening?

I've tried this two ways, the first way doesn't seem to attach to

[acaird_at_nyx-login ~]$ ompi_info | head -2
                Open MPI: 1.1a9r10177
   Open MPI SVN revision: r10177
[acaird_at_nyx-login ~]$ mpirun --debugger pgdbg --debug  -np 2 cpi
PGDBG 6.1-3 x86-64 (Cluster, 64 CPU)
Copyright 1989-2000, The Portland Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2000-2005, STMicroelectronics, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
PGDBG cannot open a window; check the DISPLAY environment variable.
Entering text mode.
pgdbg> list
ERROR: No current thread.
pgdbg> quit
and I've tried running the whole thing under pgdbg:
[acaird_at_nyx-login ~]$ pgdbg mpirun -np 2 cpi -s pgdbgscript
  { lots of mca_* loaded by ld-linux messages }
pgserv 8726: attach : attach 8720 fails
ERROR: New Process (PID 8720, HOST localhost) ATTACH FAILED.
ERROR: New Process (PID 8720, HOST localhost) IGNORED.
ERROR: cannot read value at address 0x59BFE8.
ERROR: cannot read value at address 0x59BFF0.
ERROR: cannot read value at address 0x59BFF8.
ERROR: New Process (PID 0, HOST unknown) IGNORED.
ERROR: cannot read value at address 0x2A959BBEC8.
and it hangs right there until I kill it.  The two variables in this
scenario are:
PGRSH=ssh and the contents of pgdbgscript are:
pgienv exe force
pgienv mode process
ignore 12
So, the short list of questions are:
1. Has anyone done this successfully before?
2. Am I making the right assumptions about how the debugger attaches to
the processes?
3. Is this the expected behavior for this set of options to mpirun?
4. Does anyone have any suggestions for other things I might try?
Thanks a lot.