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From: Rolf Vandevaart (Rolf.Vandevaart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-05-01 16:13:00

I am trying to run some performance tests and I want to adjust some of the
tcp and sm btl parameters. However, I have had difficulty finding any good
documentation on them. I am assuming my best bet is to look through the
code, but I thought I would see if there is anything I missed. The ones
I am especially interested in are:

--mca btl_tcp_eager_limit
--mca btl_sm_eager_limit

Also, I have run into problems with settings I give the
btl_tcp_eager_limit (but
this also be my lack of current understanding)
For example:

 burl-ct-v20z-1 97 =>mpirun -np 2 --mca pls_rsh_agent rsh --mca
btl_tcp_eager_limit 500000 --mca btl_tcp_sndbuf 32768 --mca
btl_tcp_rcvbuf 32768 --mca btl_sm_eager_limit 4000000 --host
burl-ct-v20z-1,burl-ct-v20z-0 p_to_p
# Test: p_to_p
# Mon May 1 09:50:33 2006
# SIZE TIME (us)
         0 66.871
         1 62.838
         2 62.879
         4 62.886
    458752 5344.343
Signal:11 info.si_errno:0(Error 0) si_code:1(SEGV_MAPERR)
Failing at addr:18
*** End of error message ***
Broken pipe
 burl-ct-v20z-1 98 =>