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From: Edgar Gabriel (gabriel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-05-01 07:08:10


the port number which you see here is the correct format. Please note,
that Open MPI can only connect two applications within the same
"universe", and therefore we do not use hostnames or IP-Addresses in the
port name. For two applications to be in the same universe, you have to
start orted in a persistent mode prior to starting both applications, e.g.

orted --seed --persistent --scope public

and than you can start both applications.
Please note also, that name-publishing across different jobs is
unfortunatly broken, however, if you copy the port-name as a string from
one application to another (e.g. passing it at startup of the second
application), it should work.


Amit Schreiber wrote:

>I have a simple program which performs the following code:
>MPI_Init( &argc, &argv );
>MPI_Open_port(MPI_INFO_NULL, port_name);
>printf("accepting connections on port: %s\n", port_name);
>(... then the program MPI_Comm_accept)
>I run the program _without_ mpirun, as I intend later to use the dynamic
>processes feature of MPI. However, once I run the program, the output I get
>is this:
>accepting connections on port: 0.0.0:2000
>I managed a few times to get a port name that consists of a long string
>containing the computer's name, IP address, port and tag but I am unable to
>use either strings for clients (I have a client program which simply tries
>MPI_Comm_connect to a given port_name parameter).
>Additionaly, the following mclient.c/mserver.c sample from this link gives
>me the same results:
>Please help. Thanks,
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