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From: Brian Barrett (brbarret_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-04-26 09:30:11

On Apr 24, 2006, at 12:32 PM, sdamjad wrote:

> Brain
> sorry i am enclosing my config.log file tar file here
> I can not reach to make step
> Hence can not include it
It looks like you are trying to use the IBM XLF compiler for your
Fortran compiler on OS X 10.4 There are some special things you have
to do in order to make that combination work (I don't know the
details - a web search should find them). The problem is that the
Fortran compiler can't produce executables:

configure:20852: f77 conftestf.f conftest.o -o conftest
** fsize === End of Compilation 1 ===
1501-510 Compilation successful for file conftestf.f.
/usr/bin/ld: can't open: lSystemStubs (No such file or directory,
errno = 2)
configure:20859: $? = 1

Once you get your Fortran compiler working, you should be able to
configure and build Open MPI without any issues. If you don't need
the Fortran bindings for MPI, you can configure Open MPI with the --
disable-mpi-f77 option, which should avoid the whole mess. But if
you ever intend to use MPI with Fortran, you'll need to fix your
Fortran compiler first.

Hope this helps,


   Brian Barrett
   Open MPI developer