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From: Rolf Vandevaart (Rolf.Vandevaart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-03-30 15:42:39

I am new to the Open MPI world, and I have been trying to get a better
understanding of the ORTE environment. At this point, I have a few
questions that I was hoping someone could answer.

1. I have heard mention of running the ORTE daemons in persistent mode,
however, I can find no details of how to do this. Are there arguments
to either orted or mpirun to make this work right?

2. I stumbled into a binary called orteconsole. Is this a useful
utility? I have played with it, but have found no documentation
on it so I am wondering what the state of it is.

3. I have a similar question about orteprobe. Is this something
we should know about?

4. Is there an easy way to view the data in the General Purpose
Registry? This may be related to my first question, in that I
could imagine having persistent daemons and then I would like
to see what is stored in the registry.

5. Is there a way to monitor what processes are running? For
example, if I am running 3 MPI programs can I run some command
that would tell me this?

6. From what I can tell, there is no way to specify the slots argument
with the -host argument. For example, I cannot do this:
mpirun -np 8 -host node1:slots=4,node2:slots=4 a.out
Just wanted to confirm that.

Thanks for any information,