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From: Troy Telford (ttelford_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-03-24 18:11:46

Noticing the FAQ,

Rather than simply running `./confiugre --disable-shared --enable static`
and having /everything/ compiled statically, is it possible to compile
only the bare minimum to get the tm module working, and leave the rest as
dynamically loadable?

--enable-mca-static=pls:tm,ras:tm doesn't seem to cut it, as liborte is
still compiled dynamically; and I don't know enough of the Open MPI
architecture to say if this is even feasable...

I do realize that it would be easier if PBS Professional were compiled
with -fPIC so that a DSO tm module could be built; I've asked Altair's
support to do so in the past, and received a response to the effect of
"it's in the suggestion box; no idea if it will happen."

It would be nice if they (Altair) would read some of the documentation
 from the x86-64 project: (Basically, a plead
with suppliers of static libraries to compile with -fPIC on x86-64).


Troy Telford