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From: Brian Barrett (brbarret_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-03-15 08:26:22

On Mar 15, 2006, at 5:32 AM, Charlie Curry wrote:

> Has anyone had luck building OpenMPI as a universal binary on Mac
> OS X?
> The only trouble shows up when trying to build opal's asm sub-module.
> If there is an official solution, could you mail it to me, as I've
> been
> forced to use a really ugly "compile twice and lipo" step.

At present, it's the compile twice and lipo. We're actively talking
to Apple about how to make it possible to build Open MPI directly as
a Universal Binary, but there are some stumbling blocks in the
process, among them the fact that Apple decided that C++ bool should
have different size and alignment on PPC and i386 versions of Mac OS
X and the assembly issue you ran into. It is unlikely that there is
an easy workaround in the build system right now - we're going to
have to add code specifically to support this setup.

If it's any help, there is a script in <srcdir>/contrib/dist/macosx/
that will take an Open MPI tarball and produce a .pkg installer of a
Universal Binary of Open MPI. It still uses lipo, but it's less
typing ;). The parameters to configure and architectures built can
be tweaked with some changes to the first couple lines of the script.

Now for the bad news... Open MPI 1.0.1 can not run at all in a
heterogeneous environment. The run-time has been fixed in the
upcoming Open MPI 1.0.2 release, so the run-time can run in
heterogeneous environments with the same word size (ie all 32 bit or
all 64 bit), but the MPI layer is not endian clean. So you would
have to compile your application just for ppc or just for i386 and
never mix the two in the same job.

We hope that Open MPI 1.1, which should be released sometime in the
first half of 2006, will properly support heterogeneous
environments. This includes mixed 32 bit / 64 bit run-time
environment and machines with different endianness. Presently, this
is all implemented (but lightly tested) with the exception of the MPI
datatype layer, which is not yet endian clean.


   Brian Barrett
   Open MPI developer