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From: James Conway (jxc100_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-02-09 18:50:26

I couldn't find any information on firewall ports to open up for
using OpenMPI. I have compiled and successfully run simple commands
(eg mpirun with "uname -n") on the localhost, but including remote
hosts caused a hang. Statements in the remote .cshrc to echo would be
returned, but nothing would come back from the "uname" command - the
process hung until I control-c. I looked in the firewall log
(ipfw.log) on the remotehost but found no messages. However, the
localhost log showed that a return connection up in the 51000's was
being blocked, and when I turned off the localhost's firewall, the
mpirun command would complete correctly. (The remotehost firewall
remained on).

However, I cannot find a range of ports to open. I am not really
familiar with the ipfw syntax, and hope to rely on the very simple
interface provided by Mac OSX 10.4.4 (ie, define a range of ports,
TCP and/or UDP). Since this is clearly critical, I suspect that I
must have overlooked some information on the OpenMPI web-site - if
so, please direct me to it. If I haven't, it might be worth a word or
two in the FAQ.

Thanks for any help.

James Conway
James Conway, PhD.,
Department of Structural Biology
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Biomedical Science Tower 3, Room 2047
3501 5th Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: +1-412-383-9847
Fax: +1-412-648-8998
Email: jxc100_at_[hidden]
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