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From: Brian Granger (bgranger_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-01-31 18:47:27

Hello all,

I am compiling a C++ program that uses the Open-MPI c++ bindings. I
think there is a bug in the constants.h and/or files.

The file constants.h defines lots of constants as extern. There are
lots of things like:

OMPI_DECLSPEC extern const int ERR_COUNT;

Because of the extern keyword, it is assumed that ERR_COUNT will be
found at runtime. But when I run, I find that some of the symbols
defined as extern in constants.h don't exist!

It looks like the problem is that the constants are never defined in I found problems with the following constants:

not defined in


only defined in if one-sided support is enabled:


By commenting corresponding lines out in constants.h, my code
compiled and ran fine. Is this a bug, or should these things be
defined somewhere else. Thanks!

Brian Granger