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From: Jonathan Day (imipak_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-01-26 16:53:36

I'm not entirely sure what the problem is with the
--with/--without flags. Within the configure script,
these flags enable/disable the setting of certain
environment variables and/or the running of certain

Within the RPM spec file, these need to be given,
sure, but in many cases there will be one flag
matching up with one pre-requisite.

In which case, the solution would seem to have a
metafile containing the flags, the environment
variable they set/unset, the default value and what
software is required, as a simple table.

You then have two sed scripts - one that inserts the
flags + variables into the, and one that
inserts the flags + requirements into the SPEC file.
Both would be run when preparing the autoconf stuff.

You then have only one place to edit, you don't have
to manually code all of the options, redundancy is
eliminated and there is no risk whatsoever of the two
files getting out of step. Oh, and because you've
cleaned out all of the common material from both
files, the files should be easier to read and

By the way, once the SPEC file is complete and
rpmlint-ed to death, it'd be good to forward the links
to the SPEC and SRPM files to the Fedora Extras folks.

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