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From: Jean-Christophe Hugly (jice_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-01-18 16:13:12


I have been trying for the past few days to get an MPI application (the
pallas bm) to run with ompi and openib.

My environment:
. two quad cpu hosts with one mlx hca each.
. the hosts are running suse10 (kernel 2.6.13) with the latest (close to
it) from openib. (rev 4904, specifically)
. opensm runs on third machine with the same os.
. openmpi is built from openmpi-1.1a1r8727.tar.bz2

. openib seems to behave ok (ipoib works, rdma_bw and rdma_lat work, osm
. I can mpirun any non-mpi program like ls, hostname, or ompi_info all
. I can mpirun the pallas bm on any single host (the local one or the
. I can mpirun the pallas bm on the two nodes provided that I disable
the openib btl
. If I try to use the openib btl, the bm does not start (at best I get
the initial banner, sometimes not). On both hosts, I see that the PMB
processes (the correct number for each host) use 99% cpu.

I obtained the exact same behaviour with the following src packages:

Earlier on, I also did the same experiment with openmpi-1.0.1 and the
stock gen2 of the suse kernel; same thing.

For building, I tried the following variants:

./configure --prefix=/opt/ompi --enable-mpi-threads --enable-progress-thread
./configure --prefix=/opt/ompi
./configure --prefix=/opt/ompi --disable-smp-locks

I also tried many variations to mca-params.conf. What I normally use for trying openib is:
rmaps_base_schedule_policy = node
btl = ^tcp
mpi_paffinity_alone = 1

The mpirun cmd I normally use is:
mpirun -prefix /opt/ompi -wdir `pwd` -machinefile /root/machines -np 2 PMB-MPI1

My machine file being:
bench1 slots=4 max-slots=4
bench2 slots=4 max-slots=4

Am I doing something obviously wrong ?

Thanks for any help !

Jean-Christophe Hugly <jice_at_[hidden]>