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From: Michael L. Stokes (mstokes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-12-30 16:01:47

> On Dec 30, 2005, at 1:05 PM, Michael L. Stokes wrote:
>> I have compiled and installed OpenMPI on a SUSE based SGI PRISM (8
>> processor model). I configured the build with --with-device=ch_shmem,
>> otherwise I took all the defaults. I installed as root using the
>> default
>> install prefix. SO good so far. Then I compile my hello world project
>> using mpiCC, and again this looks good. I run ldd on the executable
>> and I
>> was convinced that is is using the OpenMPI libs and not the MPT libs.
> Just so you know, the --with-device is not a valid configure option
> for Open MPI (it looks like one for MPICH).


> Configure happily
> ignores flags it doesn't understand, so no harm was done. Your build
> most likely included support for our shared memory transport anyway,
> as it is built on any platform that supports mmap(). You can confirm
> this by running:
> ompi_info | grep btl

It returns MCA btl: self, MCA btl : sm, and MCA btl: tcp so I would guess
the sm is for shared memory.

> which will list all available btls (btl is our communication device
> support layer).
>> However, when I run it using mpirun -np 4 a.out, I get no output to
>> the
>> screen and top only reports that mpirun is there (no a.out's). I
>> cannot
>> kill the process using a keyboard interrupt.
>> I would appreciate any advise on either how to build, run, or debug
>> this app.
> That's unexpected. Are you using a batch scheduler of any type?

Nope. it's running interactive.

> Could you rerun mpirun with the -d flag to turn on debugging output
> and send the result to the list? That should hopefully give us some
> useful information. Also, if you could include the complete output
> of "ompi_info", that would be much appreciated.

See attached, and many thanks. --Mike

> Thanks,
> Brian
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> Brian Barrett
> Open MPI developer
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