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From: Brian Barrett (brbarret_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-12-30 13:14:37

On Dec 30, 2005, at 1:05 PM, Michael L. Stokes wrote:

> I have compiled and installed OpenMPI on a SUSE based SGI PRISM (8
> processor model). I configured the build with --with-device=ch_shmem,
> otherwise I took all the defaults. I installed as root using the
> default
> install prefix. SO good so far. Then I compile my hello world project
> using mpiCC, and again this looks good. I run ldd on the executable
> and I
> was convinced that is is using the OpenMPI libs and not the MPT libs.

Just so you know, the --with-device is not a valid configure option
for Open MPI (it looks like one for MPICH). Configure happily
ignores flags it doesn't understand, so no harm was done. Your build
most likely included support for our shared memory transport anyway,
as it is built on any platform that supports mmap(). You can confirm
this by running:

   ompi_info | grep btl

which will list all available btls (btl is our communication device
support layer).

> However, when I run it using mpirun -np 4 a.out, I get no output to
> the
> screen and top only reports that mpirun is there (no a.out's). I
> cannot
> kill the process using a keyboard interrupt.
> I would appreciate any advise on either how to build, run, or debug
> this app.

That's unexpected. Are you using a batch scheduler of any type?
Could you rerun mpirun with the -d flag to turn on debugging output
and send the result to the list? That should hopefully give us some
useful information. Also, if you could include the complete output
of "ompi_info", that would be much appreciated.



   Brian Barrett
   Open MPI developer