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From: Konstantin Karganov (kostik_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-20 04:04:10

I'm working on an MPI-debugger project and have questions on OpenMPI
support for debugger tools. Any info or links to docs would be
At the moment, I'm interested in debug session startup implementation.
Currently I have a code, that starts MPI program under debugger for
MPICH, and it seems that OpenMPI is much different.
1. MPICH program startup is implemented as a set of shell-scripts and all
I need is to put a debugger-specific startup script, that would be
called from mpirun. What do I need to add a custom debugger support to
OpenMPI? Do you plan to support several debuggers and how it is to be
2. MPICH (at least for ch_p4 device) launches one process from mpirun
and other processes are launched later inside MPI_Init. In
orte/tools/orterun/totalview.cpp it is said that the same model is
implemented, but in practice all processes start together long
before MPI_Init. (BTW: what is this - mpirun that is running as a
background process becomes "stopped" all the time I try to "bg" it?)
What is the "correct" way and how it is supposed to get a debugger
attached to all processes of the program?

Best regards,
Konstantin Karganov.