On behalf of the developers of OpenRCM, welcome to the developers mailing list. As we are transitioning into an open source project, there has been a lot of prior discussion that is not contained in the mailing list archive. I don't really know how to "seed" the archive with that information, so I will try to capture the essence of it on the project wiki that has now been created:


We also have material on an internal wiki that we used for this project during its early phases - I will work to bring that over to the new project site.

I appreciate your patience while I do so - at this moment, I am on travel in Amsterdam for a project design meeting. :-)

I will be encouraging people to move the discussions to the mailing list so that others can chime in and/or listen. Habits can take a little time to change, but we will work hard on it!

Cisco has engaged the services of a technical writer to document the system's architecture and operation. I will learn more about the timetable for release of those documents at this week's meeting, but my general understanding is that this will be done fairly quickly.

Meantime, welcome again to those of you who have subscribed! I hope you will find this project of interest and decide to contribute to its future!