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Subject: [netloc-devel] doxygen
From: Brice Goglin (Brice.Goglin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-01-14 10:48:39

Before I push all the hwloc doxygeniry to netloc, are you guys OK with
everything it means?

* when building from GIT, it runs doxygen to build the doc
* when doing make dist, it runs doxygen and puts the doc in the tarball
(which means we may need some changes to the distrib script?)
* when building from tarball, it just installs the doc that was prebuilt
in the tarball

I'll remove some obsolete quirks from the code but we'll still have a
pretty huge doc/
(hwloc is

* do we want manpages, HTML and PDF doc? I tend to prefer the HTML, but
manpages may still be useful to some people, and PDF is good for
searching keywords.
* PDF in both A4 and letter? (letter-only is fine for me)
* Assuming we ever have a netloc.doxy with a short introduction before
the actual doxygen output, will we export it to the README? I'd say no,
just refer to the main doc.
* Any idea if we'll ever embed an C example in the doc? I hope we can
point to example files instead.
* Any idea if we'll ever need support for both prebuilt and
runtime-built documentation images? I'd say prebuilt is enough, we don't
ever modify these image sources in hwloc anyway.