Hi all:

I run MTT on RHEL5.2 Server of x86_32 arch. Only four lines were changed in the samples/ompi-core-template.ini:

The script run for about one hour and aborted, saying error to require MTT::Test::Specify::Simple. Does anyone have comments? Thanks in advance! Moreover, does MTT has log for its execution?

[root@valiant MTT]# client/mtt --trial -d --force -f samples/ompi-core-template.ini
>> Running with [ompi-nightly-v1.2] / [1.2.7a0r18267] / [gcc warnings]
Found MPI details: [mpi details: open mpi]
Using [mpi details: open mpi] with [MPI Install: gcc warnings]
Evaluating: # We can exit if the test passed or was skipped (i.e., there's
no need
# to cleanup).
if test "$MTT_TEST_RUN_RESULT" = "passed" -o "$MTT_TEST_RUN_RESULT" =
"skipped"; then
exit 0

if test "$MTT_TEST_HOSTFILE" != ""; then
args="--hostfile $MTT_TEST_HOSTFILE"
elif test "$MTT_TEST_HOSTLIST" != ""; then
args="--host $MTT_TEST_HOSTLIST"
orterun $args -np $MTT_TEST_NP --prefix $MTT_TEST_PREFIX
Got final exec: mpirun &if(&have_hostfile(), "&join("--hostfile ",
"&hostfile()")", "&if(&have_hostlist(), "&join("--host ",
"&hostlist()")", "")") -np &test_np() &enumerate( "--mca btl
sm,tcp,self&if(&eq("&mpi_get_name()", "ompi-nightly-v1.1"), "
--mca btl_tcp_if_include eth0 --mca oob_tcp_if_include eth0 --mca
btl_openib_max_btls 1", "")", "--mca btl
tcp,self&if(&eq("&mpi_get_name()", "ompi-nightly-v1.1"), " --mca
btl_tcp_if_include eth0 --mca oob_tcp_if_include eth0 --mca
btl_openib_max_btls 1", "")") --prefix &test_prefix() &test_executable()
chdir /LTC/MTT/installs/AYrM/tests/onesided/onesided
Evaluating: require MTT::Test::Specify::Simple
*** ERROR: Module aborted during require: MTT::Test::Specify::Simple
Simple: syntax error at (eval 45608) line 4, near "require
[root@valiant MTT]# echo $?
[root@valiant MTT]# find . -name Simple.pm

Wen Hao Wang
Email: wangwhao@cn.ibm.com