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Subject: [MTT users] mtt setup
From: sethi (sethi_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-06-04 08:19:02

        I am setting up mtt testing in my institute. Clusters in my
institute don't have outbound access to mtt reporter link. So, I
download and run tests on the clusters. Then copy mtt-scratch to other
machine (with internet access) and run mtt with only reporter
configuration. Part of configuration is given below and complete file is
attached. Mtt with reporter configuration runs fine but results are not
uploaded. Can anybody, please give me a clue to resolve this issue?

[Reporter: IU database]
module = MTTDatabase

mttdatabase_realm = OMPI
mttdatabase_url =
# OMPI Core: Change this to be the username and password for your
# submit user. Get this from the OMPI MTT administrator.
mttdatabase_username = ****
mttdatabase_password = ****
# OMPI Core: Change this to be some short string identifying your
# cluster.
mttdatabase_platform = lakhi_HLRS_nehalem_nodes