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Subject: Re: [MTT users] in svn_post_export
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-11-04 14:22:28

On Nov 4, 2009, at 1:51 PM, Ethan Mallove wrote:

> I recently ran into the error "./configure: No such file or directory"
> in my nightly test build for the ibm, mpicxx, and onesided test
> suites:
> This problem had something to do with being run in the Test
> get section (different environment settings, maybe?). Moving the
> into the Test build section (before "configure" in the
> shell_build_command) resolved the problem. To prevent this problem,
> would it be too uncouth to add pre-generated configure scripts (a la
> the nightly Open MPI tarballs) in the ompi-tests repository?

Yes, it would be uncouth. :-) One does not put generated code in the

I'm not sure why moving the from test get to test build
would fix the issue for you -- are your autotools in your normal
environment, or do you have them in some particular environment that
is loaded by an mpi install phase?

Jeff Squyres