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Subject: Re: [MTT users] Splitting build and run phases
From: Matney Sr, Kenneth D. (matneykdsr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-05-01 09:37:22

At ORNL, I do this (when I have time to run MTT and time
to check the results). What I do is set up my script to
check to see if it is in a batch job. If so, it runs
the tests, like so:

      mtt --verbose \
                  --print-time \
                  --no-mpi-phases --no-test-get --no-test-build \
                  --scratch ${SW_BLDDIR} \
                  --file ${HOME}/mtt-jaguarpf/ornl-pgi.ini

But, if not in a batch job, it builds OMPI and the tests, by:

      mtt --verbose \
                  --print-time \
                  --no-test-run \
                  --scratch ${SW_BLDDIR} \
                  --file ${HOME}/mtt-jaguarpf/ornl-pgi.ini

In addition, I have the script, when it is not in a batch job submit
itself as a batch job, when it finishes building. So, basically, I
can fire off the build script and go work on other things.
-- Ken

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Subject: [MTT users] Splitting build and run phases

Hi all -

I have what's probably a stupid question, but I couldn't find the answer
the wiki.

I've currently been building OMPI and the tests then running the tests
in the same MTT run, all in a batch job. The problem is, that means
got a bunch of nodes reserved while building OMPI, which I can't

Is there any way to split the two phases (build and run) so that I can
outside of the batch job, get the reservation, and run the tests?



   Brian W. Barrett
   Dept. 1423: Scalable System Software
   Sandia National Laboratories
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