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Subject: Re: [MTT users] Help
From: Ethan Mallove (ethan.mallove_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-06-10 13:16:07

I'm CC-ing the list, since this is a good question :-)

On Tue, Jun/10/2008 11:48:04AM, Phuong Nguyen wrote:
> Ethan,
> Is there anyway that I could specify the SVN user/password in the INI
> file or pass them in command line of "mtt"?

This should work. E.g.,

  $ client/mtt ... svn_username=<your-username> svn_password=<your-pass>

Or you could hard code them into your INI file. E.g.,

  [Test get: intel]
  module = SVN
  svn_url =
  svn_username = <your-username>
  svn_password = <your-pass>


> Thanks,
> Phuong Nguyen