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Subject: [MTT users] How to test just one MPI version?
From: Rafael Folco (rfolco_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-05-13 13:54:46


I appreciate if anyone can give me some help.

How to run MTT tests just against one specific MPI version ? It is
running against all MPI versions: ompi-nightly-v1.1, ompi-nightly-trunk,
and ompi-nightly-v1.2.

I've already tried to use the following configurations. Did I miss
anything ?

MPI Get phase:
[MPI get: OpenMPI-1.2.5]
mpi_details = Open MPI 1.2.5
module = AlreadyInstalled

MPI Install phase:
[MPI install: OpenMPI-1.2.5]
module = Analyze::OMPI

Test Build phase:
skip_mpi_get = ompi-nightly-v1.1, ompi-nightly-trunk, ompi-nightly-v1.2
skip_mpi_install = ompi-nightly-v1.1, ompi-nightly-trunk,

Command line:

# client/mtt -d --force -f samples/ompi-core.ini

Thanks in advance.

Rafael Folco
OpenHPC / Brazil Test Lead
IBM Linux Technology Center
E-Mail: rfolco_at_[hidden]