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From: Ethan Mallove (ethan.mallove_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-09-06 10:10:27

On Wed, Sep/05/2007 08:44:19PM, Jeff Squyres wrote:
> On Sep 4, 2007, at 12:36 PM, Ethan Mallove wrote:
> > reporter.php has a search field for "description", but which
> > phase is that for? MPI Install, Test build, or Test run? A
> > scenario is that Sun will have a home-grown "funclet_files"
> > funclet set the "description" in the Install phase (e.g., a
> > label identifying which ISO is being tested). It would be
> > useful to have one of two things:
> >
> > * [easier] Have the "description" fields broken out in
> > reporter by phase. E.g.,
> > * MPI Install description
> > * Test build description
> > * Test run description
> Hmm. That makes at least one [potentially] common case difficult: I
> used the same description for all my phases, and want to find any
> results anywhere that have that description (i.e., I'd have to enter
> it 3 times).

We'll leave a phase-less description field too, so:

  * All phases description
  * MPI Install description
  * Test build description
  * Test run description

> > * [harder] Be able to have a phase description carry over
> > to subsequent phases. I think the logic should work like
> > this: if an MPI Install has a description, then this
> > description will carry-over to its Test build and Test
> > runs if another description is not specified in those
> > post-MPI-Install phases. (Same for Test build.)
> Hmm. So test builds have 2 descriptions, and test runs have 3
> descriptions?

No. Still one description per phase, but if description is
empty for a subsequent phase, we copy over the description
from the earlier phase.

> How do you see this data being used in the reporter -- can you
> provide a use-case?

So currently, if I set description in MPI Install and I'm in
Test run view in reporter.php, then filtering on
"description" assumes I'm looking for a description in Test
run. This is a problem because I did not set description in
Test run. I need the MPI Install's description.

> Is this a different way of looking at
> mtt/ticket/302?

No, but this is certainly a related ticket.


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