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From: Mohamad Chaarawi (mschaara_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-29 14:19:04

Im trying to execute mtt on our cluster at uh..
This is the first time we do mtt here so bare with me here..

I edited the ompi-core-template.ini file to test only the trunk and
added the username/password/platform.
I allocated 4 nodes and ran:

client/mtt -d --force -f samples/ompi-core-template.ini --trial -s scratch

OMPI configures and compiles fine, and then IBM tests start.

After the IBM tests complete mtt just exits with an error.
I copied some of the output that i saw was not right at the end..
any help is appreciated.


Making dir:
   1.3a1r15990/gcc_warnings/ibm/ibm/final (cwd:
   a1r15990/gcc_warnings/ibm/ibm/final does not exist -- creating
chdir /home/mschaara/mtt/trunk/scratch/installs/iCPw/tests/ibm/ibm
   ### Test progress: 181 of 181 section tests complete (100%)
Evaluating: require MTT::Reporter::MTTDatabase
Evaluating: $ret = &MTT::Reporter::MTTDatabase::Submit(@args)
MTTDatabase reporter
Got hostname: shark
Submitting to MTTDatabase...
Running command: gzip --force /tmp/
MTTDatabase trying proxy: / Default (none)
MTTDatabase got response: MTTDatabase server notice:
   mpi_install_section_name is not in mtt database.
   MTTDatabase server notice: fields is not in mtt database.
   MTTDatabase server notice: phase is not in mtt database.
   MTTDatabase server notice: test_build_section_name is not in mtt
   MTTDatabase server notice: variant is not in mtt database.
   MTTDatabase server notice: number_of_results is not in mtt database.
   MTTDatabase server notice: command is not in mtt database.

   MTT submission for test run
   MTTDatabase server notice: The submitting client did not submit valid
   IDs for one or more of the following
   'launcher', 'resource_manager', 'paramters' or 'network'

some output.....

Evaluating: require MTT::Test::Specify::Simple
*** ERROR: Module aborted during require: MTT::Test::Specify::Simple
    Simple: syntax error at (eval 12728) line 4, near "require

Mohamad Chaarawi
Instructional Assistant
Department of Computer Science	  University of Houston
4800 Calhoun, PGH Room 526        Houston, TX 77204, USA