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From: Tim Mattox (timattox_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-04-01 22:25:54

Hi All,
I just checked the recent nightly MTT results and found two things of note,
one for the MTT community, the other for the OMPI developers.

For both, see
for details of the failed MTT tests with the OMPI trunk at r14180.

1) For MTT developers:
The MTT intel test suite is incorrectly seeing a failed MPI_Allgatherv_f
test as passed, yet is correctly detecting that the MPI_Allgatherv_c
test is failing.
The STDOUT from "passed" MPI_Allgatherv_f seems to indicate that the tests
actually failed in a similar way to the _c version, but MTT thinks it passed.
I've not had time to diagnose why MTT is missing this... anyone else have
some spare cycles to look at this?

2) For OMPI developers:
The MPI_Allgatherv_* tests are failing as of r14180 in all test conditions
on the IU machines, and others, yet this passed the night before on r14172.

Looking at the svn log for r#'s r14173 thru r14180, I can narrow it down to
one of these changes as the culprit: (Not likely)

My money is on the much larger r14180 changeset.
The other r#'s aren't culprits for obvious reasons.

Tim Mattox -
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