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From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-01-18 23:23:42

On Jan 18, 2007, at 10:37 PM, Tim Mattox wrote:

> I found some minor bugs/inconveniences in lib/MTT/Test/Analyze/
> It is not consistent about making "$report->{result_message}" get
> assigned
> a value without an embedded newline. For example, at lines 93 & 96
> a newline is embedded, yet at lines 72, 76, 87-88 the string is ended
> without a newline. For our purposes at IU, with a local e-mail
> generation script,
> it would be great if those \n newlines could be removed from lines
> 93 & 96,
> so we could parse the MTT debug output more easily.

Fixed -- none have newlines now, so they'll all be in the one-line
output format.

> I don't know if it is related or not, but for tests that fail without
> timing out,
> the debug output from MTT for that test does NOT have a line like
> these:
> test_result: 1 (passed)
> test_result: 2 (skipped)
> test_result: 3 (timed out)

Are you sure? Lines 80-84 of are:

         if ($results->{timed_out}) {
             Warning("$str TIMED OUT (failed)\n");
         } else {
             Warning("$str FAILED\n");

Are you talking about some other output? Or are you asking for
something in (parentheses)? Perhaps:

test_result: 4 FAILED (failed)

> Again, for our e-mail generation script, it would be much easier if
> there
> was a corresponding "test_result: X" for each test regardless of if
> it failed, timed-out, was skipped, or passed.

If you're in the middle of revamping your parser to match the MTT 2.0
output, I might suggest that it might be far easier to just
incorporate your desired output into MTT itself, for two reasons:

1. the debug output can change at any time; it was meant to be for
debugging, not necessarily for screen scraping.

2. there would be no need for screen scraping/parsing; you would have
the data immediately available and all you have to do is output it
into the format that you want. We should be able to accommodate
whatever you need via an MTT Reporter plugin. I'm guessing this
should be pretty straightforward...?

Jeff Squyres
Server Virtualization Business Unit
Cisco Systems