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From: Ethan Mallove (ethan.mallove_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-05 12:42:16

On Thu, Oct/05/2006 12:26:56PM, Jeff Squyres wrote:
> On 10/5/06 11:28 AM, "Ethan Mallove"
> <ethan.mallove_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> >> Some of these are the usual "IBM isn't being recorded
> >> properly". But a whole bunch of them are wrong ELF
> >> classes reported by Sun builds -- is this a symptom of
> >> sharing scratch directories?
> >
> > Yes, 'wrong ELF classes' is a SPARC binary run on i386
> > or vice versa.
> K.
> >> I suspect that you need to whack your current scratch
> >> dir and then start tonight with at least 2 new scratch
> >> directories. More specifically, you need a scratch
> >> directory for each MTT invocation that you run.
> >
> > So this also underlines the importance of the Trim phase
> > that I was not seeing, because it means that if, e.g.,
> > 1.2a1r11852 is still in the scratch tree - it will get
> > run every night if it's not removed. So we can rm -rf
> > the whole tree, but then we can't go back and rerun what
> > we're interested in. Right?
> No, it *shouldn't* be runing every night (in my tests,
> things are not run multiple times, but there is some
> current bug about this because Terry is seeing things run
> multiple times). But yes, this underscores the need for
> the trim phase.
> > I think I also may have something for the wishlist. It
> > would be awesome if there was an option to tell mtt to
> > only run what is in the ini file. That would eliminate
> > the need for multiple scratch trees (which must be set
> > manually). So a --non-recursive (?) option or something,
> > that tells mtt to not walk the scratch directory and run
> > everything it finds. Or does this defeat the purpose of
> > something I'm not seeing?
> It does only run what's in the INI file. But if you have
> a) two MTT's sharing a common scratch, unpredictable
> things can happen with the XML meta data files in there
> (i.e., I don't do anything to guarantee atomic access and
> updates, etc.). Or b) if you have older versions of stuff
> in your INI file that somehow are not accounted for
> properly in the XML data files, it could try to run them
> again.

I should delete my scratch area after any change to the ini?
With the Trim phase in place, this wouldn't be necessary?


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