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From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-04 09:46:45

There are some of you who are running some functlets to get the compiler
version that redirect stderr to stdout, something like this:

    &shell("icc -v 2>&1 | awk '{ print \$2 }'")

Unfortunately, there's a bug in the MTT client that will barf on the fact
that there's a "&" in the middle of the argument, and it won't recognize
&shell(...) as a functlet. I can fix this bug, but it's going to take a
while (the perl implications of this on the parser kinda suck :-\ ), and
I've unfortunately got some higher-priority things that I need to do first.

For the time being, can you examine your INI files and see if you have any
"&" in your &shell() functlets, and if so, replace them with something else?
If you really need to grab stderr, you may well need to have another script
do this, such as:


And have a "get"icc_version" script that does the stderr redirection.

I apologize for this; you shouldn't need to do this, but I just don't have
the cycles at the moment to fix this in the MTT client. Stay tuned to MTT
ticket #85 for updates (


Jeff Squyres
Server Virtualization Business Unit
Cisco Systems