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From: Ethan Mallove (Ethan.Mallove_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-07-19 13:25:13

Jeff Squyres (jsquyres) wrote On 07/18/06 19:43,:
> I would try this manually, without the php script in between.
> Specifically:
> 1. I would modify the .php script to write out a file
> 2. send a submit through the .php file
> 3. examine the resulting file and ensure that all the fields match up to
> what you think they should be
> 4. manually submit this file to perfbase and see what happens

I can't get it to work outside of the php script either:

$ date
Wed Jul 19 12:34:49 EDT 2006
$ cat | perfbase input -v -i -d www/inp_test_run_correctness.xml -
#* importing data from
    - (parsed according to www/inp_test_run_correctness.xml)
#* Parsing input description from XML file www/inp_test_run_correctness.xml
#* Processing data file -
#+ Creating new run with index 5
$ cat
hostname: burl-ct-v20z-0
os_name: SunOS
os_version: SunOS 5.10
platform_hardware: i86pc
platform_type: solaris-10
submit_timestamp: Mon Jul 17 18:30:48 2006
mpi_install_section_name: solaris i386
mpi_name: ompi-nightly-v1.0
mpi_version: 1.0.3a1r10793
mtt_version_major: 0
mtt_version_minor: 5
perfbase_xml: inp_test_run_correctness.xml
phase: Test run
platform_id: IU Odin cluster
start_timestamp: Mon Jul 17 18:30:45 2006
stop_timestamp: Mon Jul 17 18:30:48 2006
test_build_section_name: trivial
test_command: mpirun -np 2 --prefix
test_message: Passed
test_name: f77_hello
test_np: 2
test_pass: 1
test_run_section_name: trivial
merge_stdout_stderr: 0
mpi_get_section_name: solaris i386
foo = bar
blah blah blah
blah blah blah
$ perfbase ls -l --exp=test_run_correctness -v
--nvals=999 | tail -2
5 postgres 2006-07-19 12:34:49.00 0 5 burl-ct-v20z-0
SunOS SunOS 5.10 i86pc solaris-10 IU Odin cluster foo = bar
        ompi-nightly-v1.0 1.0.3a1r10793 solaris i386 solaris i386
trivial trivial 0 #no_data# #no_data# #no_data# #no_data#
    #no_data# #no_data# #no_data# 2006-07-17 18:30:48.00
#no_data# #no_data#

The timestamp for the perfbase input and ls matches, which shows *something* was
inserted into perfbase, but shouldn't I see "Passed", "f77_hello", "2", etc.
where the perfbase ls output shows #no_data#? (Note: I took the -u option out of
perfbase input to be more "strict" for the time being.)
I'm not able to insert data into one of the problematic fields with perfbase's
fixed content option (-f name=val). E.g.,
$ cat | perfbase input -f test_name=f77_hello -v -i -d
www/inp_test_run_correctness.xml -
Tried to delete the experiment and do a re-setup, but that didn't help.
$ perfbase delete --exp=test_run_correctness
$ perfbase setup --desc=www/exp_test_run_correctness.xml
The pattern I see is that the problematic fields are set to
occurrence="multiple". For these fields I've set retrigger=yes (which should be
the default) to force an update to occur if the row exists - no luck.
I'm not sure if this is a problem in the exp_*.xml files or the inp_*.xml files?.
Also, how was it determined in the exp*.xml file, which fields were to be a
"parameter" and which were to be a "result"? Looks like the only difference is a
parameter can nest 0 or more "valid" elements.
> That's what I would do.
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: mtt-users-bounces_at_[hidden] 
>>[mailto:mtt-users-bounces_at_[hidden]] On Behalf Of Ethan Mallove
>>Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 6:33 PM
>>To: mtt-users_at_[hidden]
>>Subject: [MTT users] perfbase.php not slurping test run data
>>perfbase.php seems to only populate perfbase with mpi_install 
>>and test_build
>>data. In other words, data correlating to these files is 
>>getting input to
>>  inp_mpi_install.xml
>>  inp_test_build.xml
>>Data correlating to this file is _not_ getting input to perfbase:
>>  inp_test_run_correctness.xml
>>I verified this by looking at the perfbase data with pg_dump 
>>command-line tool to dump the entire database), which shows 
>>that there is no
>>data for these fields:
>>    test_pass
>>    test_command
>>    test_name
>>    test_np
>>    test_message
>>    stderr
>>    "stdout"
>>    start_timestamp
>>    stop_timestamp
>>The above fields belong to the rundata table. I can see from 
>>the perfbase
>>--debug output there are UPDATEs/INSERTs into the below tables, but no
>>UPDATEs/INSERTs into rundata:
>>    run_metadata
>>    rundata_once
>>It looks like the data is getting parsed correctly:
>>#* checking <named_location>: found 'test_name: '
>>#* parsing <named_location> 'test_name: '
>>   content for 'test_name': 'f77_hello'
>>*# Processing line:
>>    test_np: 2
>>#* checking <named_location>: found 'test_np: '
>>#* parsing <named_location> 'test_np: '
>>   content for 'test_np': '2'
>>   ... [snip] ...
>>And there are no error messages from perfbase. Can anyone 
>>give me a tip on how
>>to track down the missing data?
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