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Subject: [MTT devel] MTToGDS
From: Mike Dubman (mike.ompi_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-09-29 15:21:30

Hello guys and gals,

We have completed development and testing of Google DataStore support in MTT
and are glad to submit it for community tests.

New Files:


The following new files were added to support GDS inside MTT:

1. client/

   Perl-based GDS client, provides basic DB querying/fetching capabilities.
It creates resultset (files in YAML format) from user-provided sql-like

2. client/

   Perl-based report tool, creates excel reports from yaml files, generated
by tool.

3. client/custom_launchers/

   For brave only: custom launchers for non-standard HPC, mpi-based

4. lib/MTT/Reporter/

   GDS Reporter, saves mtt results to GDS (see samples/gds-demo.ini for
configuration examples)

5. lib/MTT/Utils/

   Helper library to gather node hw/sw configuration information which is
saved in GDS together with tests results.

6. New TestResults analyzers for HPC applications:






7. samples/gds-demo.ini

   Example of howto configure GDS in MTT and run bquery/breport tools at the
end of MTT session

8. server/gds/

   GDS backend part, which is running at Google and providing Object to
YAML, YAML to Object translation service as well as helper code for DB client.

9. docs/gds/

   Various documentation

Known Issues and Limitations:


* lib/MTT/Utils/ uses "sudo" command to gather node`s hardware

* When using client/custom_launchers/ to run tests, it is impossible to kill
the test application when timeout reached.

How to start using MTToGDS:


* Contact Jeff to provide you with GDS login/password which is needed for
querying/saving to DB

* See samples/gds-demo.ini for configuration examples as well as for DB
querying and reports generation.

* Read Google GQL syntax documentation and use it with in order to
query&fetch objects from GDB.
* The following perl modules are required for all MTToGDS components:

for breport:

You can install it on linux systems with yum as following:
yum install perl-libyaml perl-YAML-Syck perl-YAML-XS perl-GD-Graph

Special Thanks to:


Igor Ivanov, Andrew Senin, Alexander Alekhin from for they
contribution in developing and testing of this feature!