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Subject: Re: [MTT devel] Extracting transparent data from OMPI
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-02-06 16:16:22

Arf; I just realized this is all moot -- ompi_info doesn't have the
argv given to OMPI's configure because we never figured out a way to
do that cleanly. :-\

On Feb 6, 2008, at 4:11 PM, Ethan Mallove wrote:

> On Wed, Feb/06/2008 01:47:16PM, Jeff Squyres wrote:
>> If this is going to be an OMPI-module-specific field, then
>> running ompi_info is fine. But doesn't the GNU configure
>> MTT module already have the configure command line?
> The scenario is that I'm using one plug-in to create Solaris
> packages, but then I run tests against those packages using
> an AlreadyInstalled MPI install. In other words, there is a
> bit of a disconnect between the plug-in that accesses the
> config.log and the plug-in that is actually used when
> running the tests. It would be preferable to get the
> configure options via ompi_info, if possible.
> -Ethan
>> On Feb 6, 2008, at 1:44 PM, Josh Hursey wrote:
>>> On Feb 6, 2008, at 11:32 AM, Ethan Mallove wrote:
>>>>>>> For the configure options we *could* parse the config.log to
>>>>>>> extract
>>>>>>> this data. The question is, if we did this, what do we want to
>>>>>>> look?
>>>>>>> And is this something we want to do? Is there another way?
>>>>>> I think having a network-like field for the MPI install section
>>>>>> might
>>>>>> be good, and possibly have an OMPI:: funclet to automatically do
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> parsing. But we need to be mindful of MPIs that won't have a
>>>>>> configure script, so what information goes there might be dubious
>>>>>> (or
>>>>>> just empty?).
>>>>> Yeah I think an Open MPI specific function should do the parsing
>>>>> since
>>>>> the configure options we want to grab will be specific to Open
>>>>> MPI. I
>>>>> think in the case of no configure script it would just be empty.
>>>> The info we are looking for in config.log is not available
>>>> in ompi_info? Parsing config.log throws a monkey wrench into
>>>> an AlreadyInstalled testing scenario.
>>> I haven't looked to see for sure what the difference between the two
>>> would be. But if ompi_info provides the information that we need,
>>> then
>>> we can use it. Otherwise then we should try to parse config.log if
>>> it
>>> is available.
>>> If we are doing an MPI Install and the build fails (due to maybe an
>>> enabled feature) then we will have to depend upon parsing config.log
>>> to see exactly which fields are available since ompi_info will not
>>> be
>>> available to us at this point.
>>> -- Josh
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