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Subject: Re: [MTT devel] Extracting transparent data from OMPI
From: Josh Hursey (jjhursey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-02-06 13:44:23

On Feb 6, 2008, at 11:32 AM, Ethan Mallove wrote:

>>>> For the configure options we *could* parse the config.log to
>>>> extract
>>>> this data. The question is, if we did this, what do we want to
>>>> look?
>>>> And is this something we want to do? Is there another way?
>>> I think having a network-like field for the MPI install section
>>> might
>>> be good, and possibly have an OMPI:: funclet to automatically do the
>>> parsing. But we need to be mindful of MPIs that won't have a
>>> configure script, so what information goes there might be dubious
>>> (or
>>> just empty?).
>> Yeah I think an Open MPI specific function should do the parsing
>> since
>> the configure options we want to grab will be specific to Open MPI. I
>> think in the case of no configure script it would just be empty.
> The info we are looking for in config.log is not available
> in ompi_info? Parsing config.log throws a monkey wrench into
> an AlreadyInstalled testing scenario.

I haven't looked to see for sure what the difference between the two
would be. But if ompi_info provides the information that we need, then
we can use it. Otherwise then we should try to parse config.log if it
is available.

If we are doing an MPI Install and the build fails (due to maybe an
enabled feature) then we will have to depend upon parsing config.log
to see exactly which fields are available since ompi_info will not be
available to us at this point.

-- Josh