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From: Ethan Mallove (ethan.mallove_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-16 11:23:32

On certain NFS servers, I run into the error message
"Interrupted system call" when executing long running
commands such as "make all". One solution I've been able to
use is to setup an NFS mount point solely for the cluster
I'm using, but this is not always an option. The below link
advises to restart the build on "Interrupted system call":

I wrapped the make commands in a do-while to
effect the build restarts. E.g.,

  do {
      $x = MTT::DoCommand::Cmd("make install")
  } while (!MTT::DoCommand::wsuccess($x->{exit_status}) and ($x->{result_stderr} =~ /interrupted system call/i));

As long as make emits "interrupted system call" and fails,
MTT will keep restarting make.

I realize this is ugly, but is it acceptable?