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From: Ethan Mallove (ethan.mallove_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-09-06 13:10:27

On Thu, Sep/06/2007 08:35:01AM, Jeff Squyres wrote:
> I put up a skeleton of the MTT web pages on the OMPI web site, but
> didn't link to them from anywhere. This actually involved changing a
> bunch of infrastructure because we published the name /projects/mtt/
> in the paper but PLPA was under /software/plpa/. So I had to move
> PLPA to be under /projects/plpa/....etc. You probably don't care
> about the details. ;-)
> Anyway, /projects/mtt/ now exists and has skeleton content. I even
> put up dummy tarballs (that are empty). Two things to note:
> 1. There are 3 places where I have links to MTT content on the OMPI
> web site. If you are in a personal checkout (i.e., if the first two
> chars of REQUEST_URI are "/~"), the links will show up and be noted
> with "(FIX)" in red. If you're on the live OMPI web site, the links
> don't show up (yet).
> 2. Our OMPI MTT testing results are in /mtt/ -- the MTT project site
> is /projects/mtt/. This actually creates a problem for the left-hand
> navigation scheme because it looks at the basename of the subdir to
> know when to print the sub-menus. For example, if you view a
> personal checkout and go to /projects/mtt/, you'll see the MTT
> project sub-menu listed twice on the left. I could add a hackaround
> in the PHP of the OMPI web site, but thinking about it a little, I
> wonder if it would be better to simply move the OMPI MTT testing
> results to /testing/ (with an appropriate apache-level redirects left
> at /mtt/ so that all old permalinks and whatnot continue to work).

PHP issues aside, I think having these two is confusing:

Nothing in the first link indicates test results (that was
something I liked about "reporter.php" :-)) So yes, I favor
renaming mtt/index.php.

> We'll need to get everyone to update their client INI files, though
> -- I'm not sure that LWP will understand a POST redirect...?

Can't we move mtt/index.php to mtt/results/index.php or
mtt/testing/index.php (I prefer "results"), and leave
mtt/submit/index.php alone?


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