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From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-09-06 08:35:01

I put up a skeleton of the MTT web pages on the OMPI web site, but
didn't link to them from anywhere. This actually involved changing a
bunch of infrastructure because we published the name /projects/mtt/
in the paper but PLPA was under /software/plpa/. So I had to move
PLPA to be under /projects/plpa/....etc. You probably don't care
about the details. ;-)

Anyway, /projects/mtt/ now exists and has skeleton content. I even
put up dummy tarballs (that are empty). Two things to note:

1. There are 3 places where I have links to MTT content on the OMPI
web site. If you are in a personal checkout (i.e., if the first two
chars of REQUEST_URI are "/~"), the links will show up and be noted
with "(FIX)" in red. If you're on the live OMPI web site, the links
don't show up (yet).

2. Our OMPI MTT testing results are in /mtt/ -- the MTT project site
is /projects/mtt/. This actually creates a problem for the left-hand
navigation scheme because it looks at the basename of the subdir to
know when to print the sub-menus. For example, if you view a
personal checkout and go to /projects/mtt/, you'll see the MTT
project sub-menu listed twice on the left. I could add a hackaround
in the PHP of the OMPI web site, but thinking about it a little, I
wonder if it would be better to simply move the OMPI MTT testing
results to /testing/ (with an appropriate apache-level redirects left
at /mtt/ so that all old permalinks and whatnot continue to work).
We'll need to get everyone to update their client INI files, though
-- I'm not sure that LWP will understand a POST redirect...?


Jeff Squyres
Cisco Systems